Monday, December 18, 2006

Pizza e Birra

I've been trying to get to this restaurant ever since it opened. So many good reviews coupled with the sort of atmosphere I was sure to love, but I've either been dragged elsewhere, it wasn't open when I could make it, or it was simply too full to get in.

So finally, as a last minute decision on a Saturday lunchtime, we made our move to sample the delights I've read so much about.

I know I'm not in Italy because I'm looking at Crown Street and the cars are driving in too orderly a fashion. If this were Italy there would be more shouting and beeping and ducking and weaving. But look inside or catch the attention of a waiter, and you're back in Italy. Uncle A (008) was down from BrisVegas and his mate M came along as well. Mmmm More pizza to share?

Left and below left: Olives all'ascolana - crumbed deep fried fat green olives, stuffed with seasoned pork and veal $5.00 for four.

Without even a second thought, two plates of stuffed olives ordered, tabled, chomped, great. Washed down with a Montenegro and soda, beer, whatever.

Kisses, hugs and two bottles of bubbles delivered by A, the trusty courier, as a pressie for me (thank you so much Madame B) for helping source some tricky historical menus for a new book. Delamotte Brut, and Henriot Blanc Souverain Brut - there's New Year's Eve set up, yum, can't wait.

I want to try so many things on this menu, but we decide shared pizza is best today.

It's an easy order - M's fave is the prosciutto and rocket - no arguments there. Luckily we are all anchovy lovers so the Napolitana goes down just as easily. I know many of you readers follow the same predilections as I in the thin crust scant topping temple of pizza worship. This will not disappoint. Crusty and smoky with delicious flavours.

We're all tempted by the white chocolate panna cotta with cherries, but evening engagements beckon and we know we'll be worse off if we over indulge. I'm coming back for the calamari, the papardelle with duck ragu ... I could go on, but definitely will will next time.

Pizze: Rocket and prosciutto ($18, right) and Napolitana with olives basil and anchovies ($16, left).

Pizza e Birra - Shop 1, 500 Crown St., Surry Hills.


Anonymous jules said...

I still havent been here either...will have to go now..good review

1:05 PM  
Blogger Reb said...

I'll sure be back Jules.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

Yes, I worship at that temple too, and it's rare to find good thin crust/scanty topping pizzas, especially in my neck of the woods at Surry Hills, so this is such a wonderful review to read!

I've been wanting to go there since it opened too so now I doubley can't wait! Olives look more-ish...

9:16 AM  

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