Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Wrap Up: Good Food Month 2006

The belts have been released a few notches, the elastic-waisted trousers have been retrieved from the drawer, the box of antacid tablets is empty, and the gym looms ominously before the round of Xmas excess. Yes, Good Food Month has come to a close. We’ve lunched and dined our way around Sydney, noodled ourselves senseless, marketed and faired to our hearts’ content, given ourselves sugar highs, and envious lows if we missed that special event.

So here’s what we all enjoyed organised by event type.

Let’s Do Lunch!

Dispatches from a selection of yummy establishments were posted including Anna at Yoshii, Georgia at Forty One, Jen (Milk and Cookies) at Galileo, Kat at The Wharf, and I crammed in a massive four lunches at Zaaffran, Bécasse, Quay and Tabou.

Sugar Hits

Great dedication was shown by Helen who checked out The Park Hyatt, The Four Seasons, The Intercontinental and the Sofitel. Kat is neck and neck with her, squeezing in Sebel Pier One. Sofitel, the Swissotel and the Park Hyatt.

Jen got into the Sugar Hits at Sofitel Wentworth as well as the Westin. , Jen from Milk and Cookies covered The Four Seasons, and Swee took in the Sheraton on the Park.

Markets, Fairs and Tours

The Good Living Growers Markets got the once over from Helen, Jen, Julia, Swee and Yours Truly.

The Hyde Park Night Noodle Markets enjoyed an extended run this year and received thumbs up from Jen (Milk & Cookies), Helen (twice), Kathryn , Jen, and Swee. The Noodle Markets provided a venue for a food blogger rendezvous and you can read about it in pots from Kathryn, Julia and Helen.

Both Kathryn and I headed west to the Mangia Italiano, while the Spring Picnic fared well with visits from Jen (Milk and Cookies) and Helen.

Winding down to the close of the month one of the last and most festive food events was the Sydney Food and Wine Fair at Hyde Park. It got a look in from Helen, Y and new foodblogger Ali K. A late addition from Kathryn told us about the Kathryn and Swee are not to be missed!

Hat’s Off! Degustation dinners and Special Events

Helen covered Bécasse, while Anna braved the Manta Oyster Forum. I went to the Gordon Ramsay Lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel, as did Julia, and we both got to have goes of Gordon. Jen made it to the Hat’s Off at Forty One

Hands on

I slipped in to Oh Calcutta for Afghanistani and Pakistani dishes as well as Sonoma Bakery for their Sourdough ‘class’. Jen (Milk and Cookies) dusted off the ice cream churn at Serendipity in a two part post.


Kathryn followed an artistic bent to take in the Shoot The Chef photography exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. She also did some creative tours of her own based on the GFM Guide at Campsie and along Hawkesbury Growers Trail.

While these weren’t official GFM events they certainly are in the spirit of the month. Helen showed us the Danks Street Festival and Gordon Ramsay’s appearance at David Jones and I welcomed in the light at the Dewali Banquet at Aki’s.

I think some special mentions are in order. I want to give the Industrial Pancreas Award jointly to Helen and Kat. Attending four sugar hits each, never was so much sugar consumed by such dedicated dessert eaters. The Devilish Detail Award has to go to Anna for her post on the Manta Oyster Forum. When it comes to oyster information, if it’s not in her post it’s not worth knowing. The Girl Guide Be Prepared Award should go to Kathryn who didn’t let little things like overbooked events and date miscalculation stop her from getting involved. And finally the Hands On Award goes to Julia for getting near enough to Gordon Ramsay to almost get a proper snog. Lucky bugger. What was your favourite post or special mention? Leave a comment here or on the blosposts themselves by following the links. Here’s to next year’s GFM and thank you to everyone who participated in the round ups.

Have I had enough, I hear you ask? No way! I’m off to New Zealand for the next three weeks to check out the new year’s vintages in Marlborough and the Wairarapa, sample the delights of Kiwi produce, and check out the restaurants in Wellington and the top of the South Island. All to be documented for you in Technicolor when I return.


Blogger Kat O+ said...

Oh, what fun wrap up that was! Next year, I'm going to organise babysitters in advance so I can shoot that sugar straight into my veins. My cousin got five Hits in and my reputation has taken a battering. *g*

Have a delicious trip! :-)

10:32 PM  
Anonymous kathryn said...

Thanks for the round-up Rebecca and for covering all the GFM antics during October. It's been lovely seeing what everyone else is up to - and getting in contact with some new blogs.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous helen said...

Awesome wrap-up Rebecca. Between us all we managed to cover a whole heap of GFM events. Well done everyone!

Combining our super foodblogging powers for good. I like it! :)

Loved the awards too!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Julia said...

Thanks for the award! It was really hard work ;-) Reminds me of the dream I had last night, Gordo and I...I better leave it there.

Congrats to the other award winners, perfect choices!

And I think we need another award, the Lucky Bugger But Utterly Deserving Award, to you for winning the Royal Doulton glasses!

Thank you for wonderful write-ups, and have a fantastic trip to NZ! Can't wait to hear all about it.

7:31 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

thankls for hosting this for everyone. great idea since it was so good to see what everyone was up to.

i'm starting a savings account for next october.

5:31 PM  

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