Friday, February 10, 2006

Pesto lamb

Another instant flavoursome meal to whip up if you have some leftover homemade pesto (ok you can use bought but it’s not as nice). Take frenched lamb cutlets – or trim them up yourself – or trimmed lamb loin chops and arrange in a foil-lined grill proof dish. You need to get as much of the excess fat off the chops as the pesto will provide enough moistness to coat the meat and prevent it drying out. Smother with pesto to coat all the chops and pop them under a hot grill until the pesto releases its oil and starts going crunchy on top. Turn the chops once during cooking, trying not to disturb the pesto crust too much. You’ll find the pesto as it cooks and melts provides a self-basting kind of thing, keeping the chops ultra moist and adding the basil taste all through the meat.

I like serving the meat with a simple salad of fresh ripe tomatoes that are so gorgeous this time of year, dressed with pepper and salt. The basily oil left when you remove the meat from the dish provides a lovely drizzle for the tomatoes.


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