Saturday, February 04, 2006

Five food challenges for 2006

1. Cook more game. I used to cook lots of it but I’ve fallen out of the habit. Pheasant, guinea fowl, pigeon. Roast, pot roast, braised, whatever. This will of course send me on a research mission to find the best suppliers for domestic cooking so I will of course spread the information around here.

2. Dust off the pasta machine, pick up some 00 flour and create and make more fresh filled pasta. Invent new and yummy insides for ravioli and new pasta flavours to wrap them in.

3. Accept every food and eating opportunity or challenge that comes my way.

4. Never ever to buy inferior produce, especially chicken. And even if I’m tired and can’t be bothered seeking out the best, never to use those tired, beige, lumps of unidentifiable muck under plastic at the supermarket that pretend to be chicken fillets.

5. Make more pastry and now that we can finally buy it here, eat heaps more Roquefort cheese.


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