Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Family food
Mother’s birthday before she goes off on a dig (she’s an archaeologist)
Friends for big Sunday lunch
Projected menu for 5 days of non-stop, house-party eating and drinking (spread out, not all on one day). I may not do the lot but here’s the plan :

* Crème de menthe and chocolate tart
* Stracciatella (Italian ‘egg drop’ soup) with cognac and chives
* Strozzapretti (in Italian: ‘priest stranglers’ – it is Easter after all) with duck ragu
* Mud crab and gruyere soufflés
* Home made Falafel: something for the vegetarians – will throw it to them over the fence.
* Cardamom hot cross buns
* Fazzoletti (It: ‘handkerchiefs’ of ricotta, fruit, rum and lemon zest in puff pastry)
* Sirloin with café de Paris butter and frites
* Lots of thin bacon, grilled, waffles and maple syrup – yes I have been too long in Canada
* Sour cream and chive blini with whatever – haven’t decided yet – maybe Tets’s cured Petuna ocean trout.
* Tarte au Citron

… and others I’ll probably think of on the fly.

And to keep the cook sane after a kitchen marathon?…. Ahhhh …. Long Island Iced Tea. I got maggoted on these in New Orleans on my birthday year before last, in a jazz club, at 2 am. So it’s on with Big Al Carson live at the Funky Pirate singing Sweet Home Chicago and get mixin’:

1 part vodka
1 part tequila
1 part white rum (Bacardi)
1 part gin
1 part cointreau
Big squeeze of lemon juice
Cola (if you can, use the New Zealand brand Phoenix organic cola – it’s gorgeous and they have nice business and production ethics) but only enough to turn the drink the colour of strong tea

Mix over ice. Drink. Fall over. Priceless.

For everything else there’s disaster card.

Will blog the food details when I recover! Have a Happy Easter, all, and may the Easter bunny bless you with many single origin 75% cocoa mass goodies.


Blogger Julia said...

"Mud crab and gruyere soufflés".


This is weak at the knees stuff! You must take plenty of photos.

Tetsuya's smoked trout is just so good, but very hard to find now (where do you buy it?). I saw it at Jones The Grocer this week but for a few dollars more than De Costi used to sell it.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Ange said...

Wish I was there to celebrate Eastr with you, sounds fabulous!

10:25 AM  
Blogger deborah said...

wow - what a weekend! hope you have a wonderful easter. i tried making some hot cross buns with cardamon too. they were tasty... but i only had a chance to make half the recipe. will have to try again before the end of the weekend!

9:53 PM  
Blogger Reb said...

Well I'm tired, and I doubt if I'll eat or drink any alcohol for a week, but it was good fun! The Souffles were great - will post up the recipe later in the week - and Julia I get the Soft smoked ocean trout from the De Costi freezer section. They always have it and for about $15 for the large pack.

Your easter efforts sound good too Ange! Hope you had a good time.

I'll blog those buns tomorrow Saffron and link the post to the other HCB efforts I've been reading about 'round the Aussie blogs. COngrats on the Courier Mail article too!

2:18 PM  

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